lørdag, september 17, 2005

I've finally completed my move to the great city of Stockholm. The first two nights were spent on a matrass on the floor. No lights, no chairs and no tables. Pretty sad. Today my mom(!) came over from Oslo. I picked her up at the airport and we went to IKEA to shop. I really hate shopping....

IKEA has an interesting business model. They're very successful with it and they haven't focused to much on internet sales. I do, however, believe that an interesting model is emerging. My real estate agent actually told me about.

There's been a lot of talk about ordering online and getting everything delivered at home. There's also been alot of writing about ordering online and picking stuff up at the store. IKEA's model may turn out to be a different model.

The annoying thing about IKEA is that you go out there, find the stuff you want, you have to pick down everything on your own, you have to make sure that you get everything. Then you have to, if you're getting large stuff, arrange with home delivery. My real estate agent told me that it was a hazzle to make sure everything was there. He told me to go out there, write down everything I wanted and then order it online from home. IKEA would then pack all the stuff and ship it to my home. May IKEA should re-engineer how they do stuff and actually promote this way of doing business. It would be much more effective in the store and it would generate more money on shipping.