torsdag, januar 20, 2005

Happy new year. A new year with new opportunities. Yesterday I decided to go visit Australia. I've never been there, so it's about time. I'm leaving on February 7 from London. What a blast!

I finally sold the Jeep I imported from the US. I got cash and a Mercedes E230 in exchange. Nice little profit.

Finally I got some help at work! I actually have two people to help me with the internet initiative at ... One of the guys has experience from EBookers. He's seems talented and works hard. He's a smooth talker and easy to work with. He has some very good connections in India that will help us with som search engine optimization.

The other guy is a web designer. He's a hard working guy... We finally got moving on a new web development project. We've chosen to work with Apt. They have a good reputation and has done some amazing stuff.

I went to Stockholm last weekend and spent some quality time with my girlfriend. We stayed in a nice hotel and had nice and romantic weekend. I actually enjoyed SHOPPING! What a disaster.. People are asking when we're getting married.. I'm getting tired of the question.