søndag, oktober 24, 2004

The fall depression is here... It's dark and rainy outside. Today I haven't been out of my apartment. But life goes on. Soon it's Christmas;)

lørdag, september 25, 2004

Today I'm going out to Tor. He's hosting the Grimstad Croquet club's annual championship.
It'll be a blast. On monday we launch the new booking engine for www.norwegian.no.. hopefully everything will be successful.

søndag, september 19, 2004

Yet another weekend has passed by. On Friday I played Golf in Europe for the first time ever. I was invited by one of our vendors. It was fun, but frustrating. It's been 2 years since I played...

Today I'm working on a presentation for a conference in october. I will present customer acquisition costs and mobile commerce... It should be interesting..

søndag, august 15, 2004

It's been another great day. Today I experienced some of the fastest racing boats in the world. It was amazing. I was invited by Color Line to view the event from the VIP seats:)

The "Spirit of Norway" lead most of the race but experienced some engine problems and had to forefit.

After the race I ate lunch with H.C and then went to his office and played some XBOX. His new company is about to take off. Whoever is reading this should visit www.gamexplore.com :)

lørdag, august 14, 2004

It's saturday. It's sunny outside and I'm inside:). I'm reading a book about RyanAir and Michael O'leary. It's pretty interesting to read how RyanAir started and grew to what it is today. Their website does not look very good at first sight, but it works! I don't think their website matters as much as the product. If the product is good, it will sell itself. So the key is to make the product amazing. (I just read Purple Cow by Seth Godin.. again).

Norwegian is selling about 68% of all ticket sales online. We must be doing something right. The conversion rate is at 10% which will improve when we get our new purchasing process ready..

onsdag, juli 21, 2004

Another day at work. Everybody in Norway is on vacation.. It's unbelievable.. Nobody is working.. amazing.. Today I left work at 5pm, I drove home and relaxed for about 30 minutes.
After that Hansa and Silje picked me up. We spent the afternoon at Tryvann which is located 10 minutes outside the Oslo City Center. It's a little paradise few minutes from downtown Oslo..We made a bondfire and ate shrimp and drank white wine. Amazing... It almost felt like I was on vacation.. It was Sveinung, H.C., Hansa and Silje. We went swimming and had a great time. ..

søndag, juli 18, 2004

It's 20:20 on sunday. Another weekend of relaxation. Ate dinner at Sindre's house on friday and went to a seafood gettogether at Even's place. Met some ex-PLU'ers and some other people. Right now I'm watching a soccer match on TV. Norwegian is introducing a couple of new winter destinations in a few weeks and I'll be working on some online campaigns for the new destinations.

søndag, juli 11, 2004

It's 2:00 AM on saturday. I just got home from a night on the town. We went to see Spiderman 2. Fun movie, but nothing special. Learned alot about Google adwords today. Learned how to track conversion rates. Marketing on Google Adwords has an extremely low customer acquisition cost. Lower than almost any other marketing form. It's amazing. It's all good. Overall, I had a pretty good day today:)

fredag, juli 09, 2004

What a great day at work. I was going golfing this weekend, but I missed on the date. It wasn't this weekend! Going downtown to drink some beer with Steinar and maybe Louise.

At work today, I attended a meeting to discuss e-mail content. I also worked on improving some pages on www.norwegian.no. I looked at affiliate programs and reviewed the new purchasing process for our consumer site.

This has not been my most effective day at work:).. but then again I worked last night as well.

torsdag, juli 08, 2004

Another week has passed by. Half depressed and half happy with life. I'm still working for Norwegian. I have a new boss now after Carl Stormer left. My new boss used to work for an ad agency. She's talented, but a litt bit traditional in her way of thinking.

Today I did the dishes again. I need to get a dishwasher:) I might be heading over to Gothenburg this weekend too. I might go golfing for the first time in over 2 years!

lørdag, april 10, 2004


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