fredag, juli 09, 2004

What a great day at work. I was going golfing this weekend, but I missed on the date. It wasn't this weekend! Going downtown to drink some beer with Steinar and maybe Louise.

At work today, I attended a meeting to discuss e-mail content. I also worked on improving some pages on I looked at affiliate programs and reviewed the new purchasing process for our consumer site.

This has not been my most effective day at work:).. but then again I worked last night as well.

torsdag, juli 08, 2004

Another week has passed by. Half depressed and half happy with life. I'm still working for Norwegian. I have a new boss now after Carl Stormer left. My new boss used to work for an ad agency. She's talented, but a litt bit traditional in her way of thinking.

Today I did the dishes again. I need to get a dishwasher:) I might be heading over to Gothenburg this weekend too. I might go golfing for the first time in over 2 years!