fredag, februar 04, 2005

I just checked in at a hotel in London. Tomorrow I'll be attending some travel conference somewhere in London. The hotel has a wireless connection, but I have to sit down in the lobby to access it. Wireless networks are popping up everywhere. Soon we'll have wireless phones with direct always-on access to the internet. What will happen to the phone companies?

I'm reading the book Victorian Internet for the 3rd time. I covers the first real worldwide network; the telegraph. The book compares the telegraph with the internet. Pretty interesting to read how there were geeks and techies back then as well. Even more interesting to read how these technology freaks became absolete when the technology went from technology controlled to business controlled. We are seeing the same trend when it comes to the internet.

SMS marketing is getting pretty hot. Consider a medium where the advertisers pay someone to receptable for well-targeted ads. The recipient controls what type of ads they want to receive and at what rate they receive it. Wouldn't it be great to be able to let the newspapers and TV stations know what type of products and services you're interested in and then get paid everytime you viewed them? The term infomediary comes to mind. It's an old term, but a very interesting one..

I forgot to mention that I'm heading down to Australia for a couple of weeks. I've never been there and I think it'll be fun:)

I'm meeting Emma down there! What an adventure. My boss got a little upset when I forgot to tell her how long I was staying down there. I'm getting a little tired of my job. To much politics and discussions and not enough action. It's depressing to work with people that are more focused on going through the motions(processes), rather than worrying about the results. I guess it's a conflict in philosophies? What do I know?

Sometimes it seems like people are more interested in finding problems than finding solutions.. I wish I didn't care, but that's not part of my nature.

Well.. hopefully a couple of weeks "down under" will get me back on top;)