onsdag, juli 21, 2004

Another day at work. Everybody in Norway is on vacation.. It's unbelievable.. Nobody is working.. amazing.. Today I left work at 5pm, I drove home and relaxed for about 30 minutes.
After that Hansa and Silje picked me up. We spent the afternoon at Tryvann which is located 10 minutes outside the Oslo City Center. It's a little paradise few minutes from downtown Oslo..We made a bondfire and ate shrimp and drank white wine. Amazing... It almost felt like I was on vacation.. It was Sveinung, H.C., Hansa and Silje. We went swimming and had a great time. ..

søndag, juli 18, 2004

It's 20:20 on sunday. Another weekend of relaxation. Ate dinner at Sindre's house on friday and went to a seafood gettogether at Even's place. Met some ex-PLU'ers and some other people. Right now I'm watching a soccer match on TV. Norwegian is introducing a couple of new winter destinations in a few weeks and I'll be working on some online campaigns for the new destinations.