søndag, juli 17, 2005

I've spent the last two days moving out of my apartment, working and reading about what will most likely be my new home. It turns out that the place I'm moving to is a modern, ecological part of Stockholm where resource effectiveness is the focus. If you read Norwegian, you can read more here. Pretty interesting. Now I'm selling off my polluting car (it's a pretty good deal I think) and moving to a environment-friendly neighborhood in the peaceful country of Sweden:) I just spent alot of money to replace the brakes on the car and fixed some other problems. I took the car to a Mercedez shop in Sweden so I think I saved a lot of money.

Other then that, I've read a lot about web project management the last couple of days. If you work with internet projects and you haven't read this book, you've missed out. I wish I read it years ago. Alot of the things in the book are obvious and the book confirms some of my opinions on old-fashion IT project management. The book also addresses some major issues when it comes to early stage "brainstorming".